What does an Interior Designer do?

What does an Interior Designer do?

Everytime we decide to renovate our spaces or to just give our homes or offices a facelift, the first person that comes to mind is an Interior Designer. Why is that so? Have we ever wondered? 

Just like when a person falls ill, the first person that he visits is a doctor. A doctor is a medical professional whose expertise lies in understanding the illness and treating it accordingly. Similarly, in the world of Interior design, an Interior Designer is a professional who has thorough knowledge and expertise of revamping your spaces into a beautiful, efficient and a functionally aesthetic space for its end user. An Interior Designer is a visionary and he is skilled to observe, understand and design a space with all the latest innovations and accents that will bring life to a space.

What does an Interior Designer do? What is the scope of work of an Interior Designer?

Very often, we may misunderstand the broad difference between an architect and an Interior Designer. An Interior Designer enters when the architect exits. The work of an Interior Designer begins when the layout of a space is completely ready. Step two after having a ready space is to add aspects of utility, functionality and accentuation. This is precisely the job of an Interior designer. Where to build the wardrobes, where to place the wall murals, what furniture to use in all the rooms, the color palette of the furniture, the upholstery, what metal accents should be used on the doors, bathrooms, the lighting, etc is the scope of work of an Interior Designer. He is the artist that will paint the final canvas of your spaces and make them ready for use to the client.

Why is Interior Design important?

A home, an office, a dance studio, a cafe, a restaurant. How are we able to distinguish between the above? Apart from the serving purpose of the spaces, what defines them as a unique space is how well built the space is inside. By built, we are not talking about the structure and construction, we are talking about the aesthetics. Today, we may find one home better than the other, or one cafe/ restaurant better than the other. That is because of the way it looks and the way it feels. This is why Interior Designing is important. It is very easy to paint the house and install basic furniture and lights. But when a professional comes on board to revamp the spaces, that professional’s mission is to create a space that speaks volumes to whoever sees it. It is his vision and his ability to understand the client’s requirements, his aspirations, his favorite type of wood, color palettes, etc. that will empower him to build a space that reflects the client’s personality and character. Making spaces into a bespoke haven and adding the nuances of design and contemporary aesthetics is the expertise that only an Interior Designer can bring to the table. Thus, if one looks at Interior Design as an Investment towards building a niche, superior space rather than an added expense, that would be a game changer. 

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What does it take to be an Interior Designer?

If you find yourself to be passionate about creating and beautifying spaces, it could be a good career choice for you. Certainly, one needs to have the skill and the passion to create, design and visualize. Apart from that, from an academic standpoint, one needs to get a Degree or a Diploma in Interior Designing. 

Financial outcomes of an Interior Designer in India:

For someone who is in the midst of making a career choice and is reading this and relates to it, there may be a primitive question in mind, ‘Will I make good money if I decide to pursue this?’ Interior Designing, during the time it was introduced as a vertical in India, was something that was considered a ‘luxury’ and not a ‘necessity’. Hence, the country took time in understanding the significance of Interior Designing. Earlier, people never paid that kind of attention in making spaces that would reflect a sense of delight and tranquility. Merely having spaces that would suffice for basic living was enough. With changing times and with the world coming together as one, thanks to the exposure of social media and global platforms, the mindsets are evolving and the importance of having well crafted spaces has become significant. Today, no one wants to settle with basic spaces. Everyone seeks to have spaces that are appealing, stylish, modern and fancy. This is why there is immense scope in the industry of Interior Design in the current times. The markets in India are emerging with the demand of having fresh and innovative interior design requisites. This is the time where excellent growth opportunities are in store and it makes it a perfect career choice to pick.

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